Sherried Turkey Gravy

This divine Sherried Turkey Gravy is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas roast. 

Sherried Turkey Gravy


Turkey fat

Plain flour

Turkey stock

Salt and freshly ground pepper




1. For every 600ml (pint) of thin gravy wanted, in a Rayburn pan make a roux with 25g (1oz) of turkey fat taken from the meat tin and 25g (1oz) plain flour. For a thicker gravy use 55g (2oz) of each per 600ml (pint). Cook for a couple of minutes, adding a little extra turkey fat if at all dry. Pour off all the remaining turkey fat and reserve for cooking, but leave all the congealed cooking juices in the meat tin.

2. Add some turkey stock to the meat tin and preferably place on the floor of the main oven or onto the simmering end of the hotplate for a few minutes. Off the heat, use a flat ended wooden spatula to deglaze all the concentrated juices and sediment.

3. Pour this gradually onto the roux and whisk in thoroughly. Repeat the deglazing process until the meat tin is rendered clean and all the turkey juices have been whisked into the roux.

4. Add more stock to thin to your preferred consistency, adding salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Add a good slug of sherry and a little cream.

Note - this gravy will have an excellent turkey flavour but may be pale; a little gravy browning may be added to darken it slightly. When transferring the turkey from resting to its serving platter, add to the gravy the juices that will have accumulated.

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