Booking an AGA Demonstration

It is always great to see an AGA in action and we offer the following events:

  • An AGA Can Do It All Demonstration: For customers looking to purchase a new  AGA cooker as well as existing AGA owners wanting to develop their AGA cooking skills or who are considering trading in an old AGA for a new model. These demonstrations are held via Zoom or live in-store events.
  • Live Events: We hold regular live cooking events on our Facebook (AGA_Official) and Instagram (@aga_cookers) channels, follow us to receive notifications of these events.
  • Video Demonstrations: We also have a number of video demonstrations of our latest models which can be viewed here:

  AGA eR3 Series Demonstration video VIEW HERE
AGA R3 Series Demonstration video VIEW HERE
AGA R7 Series Demonstration video VIEW HERE
 AGA eR7 Series Demonstration video VIEW HERE


To book an AGA Demonstration please select a date and time convenient to you, from the below list,  and we’ll be in touch to confirm your place. If you would like to visit our stores please call 0800 111 6477 or contact your local AGA Specialist to book an appointment before travelling.

An AGA Can Do It All - Cooker Demonstration 25/02/2023

This is an in-store event held at Morley Stove Company, located in Hertfordshire.

Ideal for those looking to purchase a new AGA cooker or trade in to a newer electric model, this in-store event will focus on how to cook on an AGA with plenty of delicious food to sample. AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell will be on hand to answer all of your AGA queries.

This event is free but spaces are limited so please do make sure that you book.

Saturday 25th February 2023
Naomi Hansell