Rayburn 400 Series

The Rayburn 400 Series range cookers offer fabulous performance, be it for cooking, heating or hot water. 

Rayburn 400 Series in Dartmouth Blue
Perfect for Today's Kitchen

AGA Rayburn 400 Series models are perfect for modern fitted kitchens, compatible with the standard height and depth of 600mm worktops and their iconic good looks mean that they seamlessly fit in to both traditional and contemporary style kitchens.

Built in our factory in Shropshire, Rayburn models are crafted with cast-iron ovens for kind-to-the-food radiant heat cooking and finished with a protective vitreous enamel coating.

Rayburn 400 Series model in Black
Truly Versatile

Suitable for a wide variety of homes and family requirements, the Rayburn 400 Series models provide heating outputs which are capable of heating between 8 and 20 radiators. There are also 400 Series models which are designed to offer cooking only.

Most of the models feature an integral timer, plus the option of an external programmer, giving you flexibility to control your cooking and heating requirements.

And the flexibility doesn't stop there. A Rayburn 400 Series cooker model can either be flued through a suitable chimney or the power flue models allow the cooker to be installed virtually anywhere. The central heating models are available in Conventional and Balanced flue variants. 

Vegetable frittata cooked in the Rayburn
Cast-Iron Ovens

The Rayburn is the master of all culinary styles thanks to its cast-iron ovens which use the principle of indirect radiant heat to gently cook food whilst preserving its nutrients, flavour and texture.

The large capacity main oven can be used for a variety of cooking techniques from roasting to baking to grilling, and because the ovens are all vented into the flue the flavours from one dish will not taint another, so a whole range of foods can be cooked together, maximising the capacity of the Rayburn and minimising your effort.