Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie is the perfect dessert to impress guests. The combination of the sharpness from the lemon and sweetness from the meringue make a mouth-watering combination.

Lemon Meringue Pie with slice cut out

1 x 23cm blind baked pastry case

3 large lemons, zest and juice

45g cornflour

270ml water

3 egg yolks

165g caster sugar

3 egg whites 180g caster sugar

Serves 8

  1. Place the lemon zest, juice and cornflour in a small bowl and mix together. Bring the water to the boil in a saucepan on the boiling plate or induction hob, then stir into the lemon mixture. Return to the saucepan and heat, stirring, until thickens.
  2. Mix the egg yolks and sugar together and stir into the custard, heat until begins to bubble, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, cool for a few minutes, then pour into the baked pastry case.
  3. To make the meringue; whisk the egg whites with an electric mixer on full speed until stiff then add the sugar a spoon at a time, whisking constantly. The meringue should be thick and stand in peaks. Spoon onto the lemon filling, ensuring the filling is completely covered.
  4. Bake in the lower oven on bake setting on shelf 3 for approximately 20 minutes until set and beginning to colour.
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