Lamb Shanks

Lamb is often traditionally cooked for Easter. It's all made easy with this delicious recipe.

Lamb Shanks


2 tbsp olive oil

4 lamb shanks, approx. 225g (8 oz) each

16 small shallots, peeled

4 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks

1 stick of celery, chopped

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 x 400g can of chopped tomatoes

300ml (1/2 pint) red wine, such as Shiraz

1tsp caster sugar

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

2 bay leaves

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Serves 4


1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan on the hotplate and fry the lamb shanks until they are browned on all sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and place in a cast-iron casserole dish. Gently fry the shallots, carrots, celery and garlic and place in the casserole dish, over the lamb.

2. Pour the tomatoes and wine into the frying pan, add the sugar, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and bring to the boil, stirring to de-glaze the pan. Pour over the lamb and vegetables. Tuck in the bay leaves and rosemary.

3. On the hotplate, bring the contents of the casserole to the boil. Transfer the dish to the main oven set to 120°C Gas Mark l-1 or  the lower oven in slow cooking mode and cook for 21/2-3 hours or until the meat is falling from the bone.

4. When the lamb has cooked, remove it from the casserole along with the vegetables and keep them warm in the lower oven. Turn up the cooker control and reduce the cooking liquid until it becomes a thick sauce, skimming off any liquid fat. Return the lamb and vegetables to the sauce, heat through and serve with mashed potatoes or noodles.


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