Rayburn Christmas Turkey

For the perfect Christmas dinner follow AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako's guide to the ultimate roast turkey using your Rayburn cooker. 

Rayburn Christmas Turkey

Turkey or goose


Always follow the supplier's guidelines for cooking times. Approximate cooking times are below:

3.5 – 5 kg: 3 hours 15 minutes in top oven on baking / 30 mins turned up to a roasting oven. Rest for at least 30 mins

5.5 – 6.5kg: 3 hours 45 mins in top oven on baking / 45 mins turned up to roasting oven. Rest for at least 35 mins

6.75 – 9kg:  4 hours 45mins in top oven on baking/45 mins turned up to roasting oven. Rest for at least 40 mins

Please add the weight of the stuffing onto the weight of the turkey if you are stuffing with a sausage meat mixture and only stuff the neck end. If at any time you feel the turkey is browning too much cover with foil or use the plain cold shelf.

Resting times given are the minimal, it is a good idea to have your turkey cooked and resting before cooking the remainder of the festive feast. Whist resting cover with a triple layer of foil and cover with an AGA towel; leave in a warm area.

NB: it is possible to cook a smaller turkey overnight in the lower oven when the top oven is set to roasting. The turkey will need to be started and finished off in the roasting oven. For this slow cooking method, multiply the cooking time in the baking oven by 2.  Minimum resting times will be as above. 


Cooking a goose: a whole goose typically takes 3 ½ - 4 hours to cook

Do not prick the skin all over with a fork, just behind the wings by the legs and cook on a grid rack. It’s a good idea to cover the legs and wings with streaky bacon and loosely tenting the whole bird. 

Cook on the lowest set of runners in the top oven, set to roasting and frequently tip off the fat. When cooked through remove the foil and cook for a further 20 minutes to brown.

Always cook before the other elements of the Festive meal and allow it to rest at least 1 hour before carving. Cover and place in a warm area; ideally on top of the hotplate lids.

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