A Jumble of Roasted Vegetables on a Bed of Kale

Rustle up a dish of colourful winter root vegetables, which can be roasted beforehand. Reheat these vegetables at the same time you stir-steam a vibrant green bed of kale. This recipe is ideal either as a side dish or on its own as a healthy lunch, perfect for vegetarian and vegan tastes. Courtesy of AGA Specialist Dawn Roads. 

Colourful vegetables on a bed of steamed kale

The Roasted Vegetables:

1-1.2kg prepared mixture of winter root vegetables such as carrots (different colours are pretty), beetroot, Jerusalem Artichokes, shallots, squash, parsnips

2 tbsp rape seed oil

Salt and black pepper

Sprigs of fresh thyme

Stir-steamed Kale:

1 tbsp rape seed oil

1 clove garlic, grated

200g shredded kale, washed

2 tbsp water

2 tbsp vegan chilli jam

1. Prepare the root vegetables by scrubbing the skins (so they can be cooked with the skins on), or peeling if you prefer. Cut them into pieces of a similar thickness so they will cook in the same time and place into a large bowl. Pour over the rape seed oil and massage into the vegetables.  

2. Tip these vegetables onto the Portmeirion for AGA Large Baking Tray and spread out. Throw over sprigs of fresh thyme and then place on the floor of the AGA roasting oven (using the floor grid if applicable) and roast for 30-40 minutes, turning occasionally, until tender.   

3. For the kale, place the oil into the base of the AGA Cast-Iron Buffet Casserole and place on the simmering plate, add the grated garlic and stir for a minute. Pour in the freshly washed kale (this means a little water is still clinging to the leaves to help with steaming), stir around and add the two tablespoons of water. Put the lid on and let the kale steam for 2 minutes, stir in the chilli jam.

4. Add the roasted vegetables and cook for 3 minutes or until the root vegetables are hot.  

Serve straight from the buffet casserole.

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